How much is QASH (QASH) worth?

Today QASH (QASH) price is $0.2267684005 USD.

Today QASH (QASH) market cap is $79,368,940

QASH (QASH) to USD Price Chart

Update: 2018-09-21 23:12

Today QASH volume trade was 0.73% of available supply. The best day to sell QASH was 18 Jul 2018 at this time QASH has reached its highest price and was equal 1 QASH = $0.3407 USD.

The best day to buy QASH was 14 Aug 2018 at this time QASH has reached its lowest price and was equal 1 QASH = $0.1322 USD.

How to Buy QASH?

In most cases, you can't buy QASH directly. For buying QASH coin you must have a popular crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum. Go to Coinbase buy Bitcoin and then convert it to QASH using one of those methods.

Here you can buy QASH without fees via USD using most popular payments methods (Paypal, Visa/MasterCard, Bank Transfer and etc).

Best QASH exchanges: Instant Crypto exchange Best for trading For one time purchase Local Bitcoin Marketplace

QASH Price data for 7 days in USD

Date Open High Low Close
Sep 15,2018$0.2$0.2199$0.2$0.2118
Sep 16,2018$0.2118$0.2185$0.2$0.2051
Sep 17,2018$0.2051$0.2178$0.1975$0.2126
Sep 18,2018$0.2126$0.22$0.2043$0.2095
Sep 19,2018$0.2095$0.22$0.2009$0.2116
Sep 20,2018$0.2116$0.23$0.2096$0.2293
Sep 21,2018$0.2293$0.2341$0.22$0.2268
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